The pre travel torment.


The wardobe has been emptied (and re filled) the backpack packed and the last bits of washing done. Just need to unpack the bag and check that I have everything that I need and maybe dump a few things. One tends to always over pack, but what do you take for 9 months of varied weather conditions? Best advice i’ve had is “As long as you’ve got a clean pants you can buy everything else”. You can’t buy clean pants abroad….what? Joking aside it is quite stressful trying to sort out banks, visa information, computer devices and so the list goes on. Whilst they are useful and without them I am not sure how we would function in the modern world, I do think there is something to be said for a good old guide book and minimal technology. I have money in my pocket a bag full of clothes, an ipad, a camera and some online flight confirmations so from here the only way is south….towards Heathrow and then South America. Rio….next stop!