It’s a slippery slope Snoop Dogg’s!


Today I saw the Selaron steps.There are 250 steps measuring 125 metres long which are covered in over 2000 tiles collected from over 60 countries around the world. No sooner than one section of the steps were ‘finished’, Selarón started work on another section, constantly changing it so that it was an ever evolving piece of art. Selarón considered the work as “never complete” and claimed that “This crazy and unique dream will only end on the day of my death”. The tiles were scavenged and later donated. Of the 2000+ tiles, 300-odd are hand painted by Selarón depicting a pregnant African woman. Selarón didn’t comment on this except to say that it was a “Personal problem from my past”.

Apparently Selaron received death threats and people thought him crazy. He was Always out of out of money and living as an artist. He was found dead on the steps in Jan 2013 with burn marks on his body. The cause was unknown but murder and suicide were not ruled out. Today they still stand as a land mark in a very dodgy part of Rio and have been used in videos such as Snoop Doggs beautiful and U2.

Early start tomorrow for my transfer so popped to a bakery for some sweet treats then an early night. Food in Rio is not varied and to be honest very poor. I do quite like their pay by kilo buffet and cooked meats.

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