It had to happen at some point….

I got my flight to Hong Kong with no issues although it was bumpy 3 hour flight. Trying to work out where I had to get my transfer was difficult as I had no ticket printed for India yet but my baggage had been checked in to Delhi. It works out that my flight had been reserved but never confirmed. As the flight was full I was not able to board the plane and faced with a few options. 1) spend 1K on a new flight at 8pm, spend 300 GBP for a flight with a different carrier the following day at 12pm or try and get the same flight with the same carrier the following day and get a transfer ticket. After facetiming mum on mothers day to contact the travel agents we realised it was Sunday and they were closed and would not be open until 5pm HK time the following day. With this in mind I managed to get my bag diverted off the plane and pick it up before heading to the Hong Kong ticket office to try and get a new ticket. When I got there they told me that my original flight had been cancelled by the travel agents and a new flight booked. I was aware of this as I wanted an earlier flight into India. Some how the second flight was also cancelled leaving me with an unconfirmed flight and on standby. Only the travel agent would be able to confirm the flight but this would mean waiting another day due to the time difference. I therefore opted to buy a new ticket with the same airline with the hope I will get my money back. Unable to buy it from the ticket office as all flights to India had closed, I booked online and made my way back to Hong Kong Island where I booked into a hostel for the night. Tired, hungry and stinking headache. Lets hope it is all ok tomorrow and I get to meet Jolene in India who is hopefully with a host family of a girl a met in South america. She has all the details and has been in contact so fingers crossed it all went smoothly but what a logistical nightmare!

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