India. The long trip round!


India has been a real eye opener! I whirlwind of emotions as you get catapulted into a world where anything can happen. The constant attention for money, a photo, a tuk tuk here and there or a look in their shops (looking and dreaming is free). It is country that assaults the senses from the smells of deliciously fresh cooked street food to the colours of the clothes and temples and constant beeping of motor bikes and tuk tuk. India is also a prime example of diversity, some of the richest people in the world living next to the poorest, Hindu next to Muslim, Sikh next to Buddhist, snow capped mountains and blistering deserts and yet somehow, in the craziness that you get yourself wrapped up in, it seems to work. I’m not sure how but it does but it does! The rules are that there are no rules. Be patient, smile and don’t accept no for an answer, haggle and accept your not in England and you are away. Do I agree with all of the practises I witnessed, scamming, begging, miss treatment of animals, sever poverty even some of the relgious beliefs? No. But they do seem to have something worked out and I think that is to make the most of what ever situation you are in and strive to do and be better. India will turn you inside out but you can’t argue with people working hard to try to improve themselves. Exhausting at times and incredibly frustrating with hours spent just trying to work out accommodation and travel routes, but absolutely worth it. How often do you have to get out of a tuc tuc to move a cow on the street, help push a rickshaw over a bridge, dive into shops to move out of the way of a procession of people carrying dead bodies for cremation on the Ganges and eat in a temple that serves 100,000 people a day all for free. A country of contrasts but also beautiful sites where you learn to expect the unexpected, including random hugs from strangers. Here is my India journey. Enjoy